​The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation through Sanitary Plumbing

​An outbreak of amebic dysentery during the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair, resulted in 1704 cases of the illness resulting in 98 deaths. Faulty plumbing at a local hotel polluted the hotel's water service causing the deaths.

​This poster came out shortly after the epidemic to promote safe and sanitary plumbing practices.

​Dr. Lewis Thomas, medical author and former president of Sloan ​​Kettering Cancer Research Center wrote in 1984. "There is no question that the health of our nation has improved spectacularly in the past century. One thing seem certain it did not happen because of Improvements in medicine, or medical science or even the presence of doctors. Much of the credit should go to the plumber and sanitary engineers of the western world"

​Most water born illnesses are caused by cross-connections in the plumbing system. Some homeowners without  knowing jeopardize their family and put the whole neighborhood at risk when making home repairs to the water system.

​A plumber is highly regulated. In Alabama all who work as a plumber or plumber apprentice must be

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​supervised by at least a journeyman plumber. And the journeyman plumber can only supervise three apprentices at a time. A journeyman plumber must also be supervised by a Master Plumber who routinely checks on his personnel.  Currently the State of Alabama is governed by the 2009 International Plumbing Codes. Soon Alabama is said to be adopting the 2015 International Plumbing Codes. The City of Hoover has already adopted the 2015 code. Each jurisdiction can by local ordinance adopt Alabama approved codes. ​​

​For example if a homeowner replaced their outside faucet and didn't know to install an atmospheric vacuum breaker they could jeopardize the whole neighborhood through a potential cross connection with ground water.  Say you are washing the car and the phone rings, so you toss the hose down on the ground to run for the phone. It's that other plumber who didn't call you back three days ago, so you fixed it yourself. The hose just lays there in a pile of water because you get distracted. Down the street there is a water main break. The broken line spewing out causes a negative pressure and suddenly the water on the ground gets sucked  back up through the hose into the water system. Everyone is now exposed to the pet feces in the yard. A simple $6.00 atmospheric vacuum breaker on the end of the hose bibb would have protected everyone. The Plumber would have known this because not only are the regulated but they are tested for competence by the State of Alabama.

​See  www.pgfb.alabama.gov  for more information regarding the regulations governing your Plumber.

​Cahaba Valley Plumbing is duly licensed in Alabama and Florida. We carry a 1,000,000/2,000,000 aggregate insurance policy to protect you. We are also bondable for any of you possible plumbing projects.

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